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Due to the demand of our services for PETROL vehicles, We at SDS are highly recommended for all repairs & services on PETROL vehicles.

Our mechanics are qualified and have years of experience on petrol vehicles.We have been servicing and repairing petrol vehicles since our doors opened!

In line with the latest technology SDS has purchased a new diagnostic tool for all vehicle makes and models, allowing our mechanics top of the range equipment to better serve our customers vehicle’s.

Access to technology such as this will not only save time on repairs and servicing, but will also save money for our customers!

Automotive, 4WD , A/c Repairs & Services

  • Minor,Major Services including log book servicing
  • All repairs on all vehicles
  • 4WD repairs & services
  • Comprehensive Safety Inspections
  • Steering,Suspension,Brakes & Transmission Repairs
  • Pink slips & Blue Slips
  • A/c services & repairs

In line with offering more services to our customers,
SDS now offer’s
Brand New State of the Art
Wheel Alignment Machine

includes diagnostic report
that is easy to understand!

Always offering the best service, SDS will “quote on your job before we work on it, so you know exactly what you pay”.

There are no hidden charges. If further repairs are necessary, our mechanics will advise you, upon picking up your vehicle.

Safety inspections are part of our service and this allows for our valued customers to know the condition their car and if there are any safety issues.

Agent for Custom fleet, Fleet card, Fleet Partners, State fleet & Lease Plan

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